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EWASTOCK.COM is the online collection of Elizabeth Whiting & Associates,
the UK's leading home-interest stock image library

Established in 1970, the library has developed into an unrivaled collection
of interiors, home-interest, architectural, craft and garden photography,
contributed by over 50 internationally recognized photographers

In addition to single shots, EWASTOCK.COM also showcases dozens 
of inspiring feature stories available for publication

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The Historical Archive :: Search our unique collection of interiors photography shot during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s


The EWA collection contains a rich archive of photographs from established and new photographers and includes a wide variety of travel and interior design imagery. The menu on the right-hand-side will allow you to filter the variety of images to review. When you have simply decide which matches your needs and then decide how you would like it reproduced.